License to grow for medical extraction

Cannuba Pharma SRL is a subsidiary to Cannuba Holdings, based just outside the city of Craiova in Romania. Cannuba Pharma has received licensing to grow Cannabis Sativa L for medicinal extracts.

Land has already been acquired and permits applied for the building of 30 light deprivation greenhouses on a 4acre plot. The site is to have a 2m high fence erected around the 760m perimeter.

The greenhouses will have their own electrical supply from a newly installed substation directly on site. A deep well drilled on the land has been arranged to supply water directly to the crop (the mineral content of the water and its Ph. are particularly good for growing this crop).

The greenhouses

Each greenhouse will be home to 600 plants, by the time they reach the greenhouse stage, the males will be separated from the female plant.

Only female plants will be grown with just one greenhouse growing some males for seed production. The first harvest is expected to take 6 months, future harvests will take between three to four months allowing up to three harvests per year.

Cannabis processing

Propagation process

The first two rows of greenhouses will be completely finished including 50 Gavita grow lamps, full extraction, underfloor heating and automatic irrigation. These will be used to propagate the seeds and getting the plants to a potting stage where they will then be distributed to the other greenhouses.

Unique bar codes for monitoring

All plants will have their own unique bar code enabling the complete monitoring and testing throughout the growing phase and the harvest yields. All soil, water and nutrients used will be organic by origin.

The crop will be hand harvested, all the flower and leaves will be securely processed into a full spectrum oil. The fibre and root of the plant is to be sold directly to a Dutch company also based in Romania.

Shipping to iMEX Global

The Oil extract will be shipped to iMEX Global Ltd in the UK for distribution. Three independent companies will be invited to purchase the oil.