Luzita Hill

Luzita Hills

Luzita Hill lives in a charming village amongst the rolling Kent countryside with her husband of 31 years Terry. Together they have a 21 year old daughter who is currently at university. Luzita’s Spanish/Indian family background has helped her to draw from a rich cultural heritage of alternative and complementary therapies. This has helped her to develop as a holistic therapist, specialising in cranio-sacral reflexology, flower remedies and energetic pathway treatments. Specialised in Stroke and MS treatment she also ran a holistic palliative care service for many years. As a student herbalist she is exploring how the plants on her doorstep and in the surrounding countryside can help her to stay well and along with other like-minded people explores natural remedies that are simple to make and use.

Luzita was diagnosed with Breast cancer in 2012 and took her NHS teams advice, she had two surgeries and full lymph removal. Initially she also had radiotherapy and chemotherapy but after suffering an allergic reaction it had to be reduced and then stopped all together. The side effects to this treatment were many but Luzita managed them naturally. Her life was turned upside down but she trusted her health teams advice and received the all clear in April 2013. Then in late 2016 she had some new symptoms and after investigation was given a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer with multiple bone mets and given six months to live. Luzita had other ideas. Her expiry date was 3rd June 2017 and she’s still here.

This time Luzita decided to approach things differently, the conventional treatment she had received before clearly hadn’t cleared the disease and Luzita asked her team what other options there were. This is when she discovered the reach of the Cancer Act 1939. They couldn’t discuss other options, they were restricted by law. Since then she has campaigned against this legislation which she believes is unfit for purpose and restricts health professionals from allowing their patients choice in the treatments they receive for cancer.

An interesting discussion about using cannabis as one of many alternative treatments for cancer and all the soul destroying side effects of surgery, chemo and radiotherapy led to Luzita being given a small pot of balm containing coconut oil and cannabis extract. She rubbed this on an inoperable lump which disappeared by the next scan, absorption through her gums helped her manage the other side effects of treatments, pain and sickness, lack of appetite and anxiety. Since her most recent diagnosis she has used cannabis remedies to keep herself well and has not had any medical intervention, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. She is part of a group who use cannabis herbal remedies to conduct their own living trials on themselves and working on ways to create health. Their results speak for themselves.

Cancer research have a term for survivors and thrivers such as Luzita and her friends; ECAPS, Exceptional Cancer Patients. Cannabis is the thing that has helped them to become exceptional.

Luzita brings a wealth of self-researched and taught knowledge about cannabis use for health and wellness. She is a living trial herself.

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